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Dufton Agricultural Show

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Saturday 26th August 2017

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The Schedule:

For a pdf version of the FULL SCHEDULE click here

Trade Stands:

Application for a trade stand:   Click here for .pdf version       Click here for Word version

Entry Forms:

Cattle (.pdf version)                        Cattle (Word version)

Sheep (.pdf version)                      Sheep (Word version)

Horses (.pdf version)                      Horses (Word version)

Industrial (.pdf version)                   Industrial (Word version)

Vintage Vehicles (.pdf version)      Vintage Vehicles (Word version)

If you would like a copy of an application or entry form which you can print out at home, fill out in ink and send in to us, just click on the pdf version. If you would like to be able to fill out the form interactively using a word-processing program and perhaps email it to us, then click on the Word version and save it to your own computer

The schedule and application forms for the 2017 show will appear here towards the summer of 2017